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Mark Eden photographer

Hi, I’m Mark,

I create images and words that help tell the stories of our vibrant, diverse world and its people.

I work mostly in editorial travel with a focus on lesser explored regions and new ways to understand well known places, often through the daily experiences of the people who live there. I call them the “little stories”. For example, we’ve read about the history of the Taj Mahal, but what do we know of the grounds keeper who has been trimming the hedges and sweeping the mosque floors for the past 20 years? (his name is Aabheer if you’re interested, has 4 children and is from a small village called Rohai Khas). And what can he teach us that isn’t in the guide books? These are the questions I’m passionate about answering and the stories I love to tell.

I’m available for local projects and international travel, and offer image licensing and writing. If I can help you engage your audience and share the stories you care about, please get in touch to discuss.

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